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Redan Elementary

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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Redan Elementary School's PTA
The Redan Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA), along with the Principal, Cathy Goolsby is dedicated to reaching every student’s potential by engaging and empowering families and the Redan community. 
We believe in the values that the Georgia PTA demonstrates and puts into action each and every day by means of collaboration with parents, faculty, and staff; commitment to promote the health, well-being and educational success of each student through parent, family, and community involvement; accountability for our obligations and promises; respect for one another, students, and our faculty and staff members; and integrity by standing behind these beliefs and acknowledging our mistakes and seeking amends. These goals hold true to what we believe a community should provide. 
We invite you to become a member and participate in our activities both from an educational perspective as well as when we get together to share each other’s company, thoughts, and viewpoints. The Redan Elementary School PTA is confident in our purpose to promote the welfare of children and youth at home, at school, and in our community!

For more information about membership, upcoming meeting dates, and how you can become involved, contact Redan Elementary School at 678-676-3502. 

Redan's PTA ID#:  1703

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